Extra long hands for quartz clock movements.

 Hands over 7” long require the use of a hi-torque movement. It is recommended that you not use a second hand with hands over 7“. To view movements for use with these hands click here. Measurements are from mounting hole to tip of the minute hand. Hands on this page can not be included as “free hands” with the purchase of quartz movements.

17-1/2" tapered clock hands

17-1/2” Black hands for 35“ dial.     66764…………$12.00 per pair

10” Black tapered hands for 22” dial        HND3194…..$9.00 per pair

Large black spade hands                                   

Measured from the mounting hole to the tip of the minute hand


12” black spade hands

14” black spade hands

17-3/4” black spade hands

12" Spade clock hands

Special deal! As seen in Better Homes and Gardens magazine: Get these 12” hands with our MVT712HT high torque movement for $19.95 including shipping.

6" long clock hands

6” for 12” dial, $1.25 per pair

HND 1061B   Black

HND 1061G   Gold

5-3/8” for 11” dial, $1.00 per pair     HND1351  now available in Black or gold

5-3/8" long clock hands

Important note to save you money: If you are using hands that are 5-1/2” or shorter you do not need a high torque movement. You can use a mini quartz movement.

Click here to go to mini quartz movements.

7" spade clock hands

7” for 14” dial, $1.25 per pair

HND 1208B  Available in black only

Complete wall clock sets. We have packaged together complete sets of hands, movements and a wall mounting cup. The clock movement is hidden inside the cup, the cup mounts to the wall and then the hands mount onto the movement shaft. All of the parts you need for an on the wall clock kit!

Click here to see all of the different sizes available

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12" Spade clock hands