clock parts Important! If your movement has plastic gears you must use the tiny anti-reverse gear at the left. It must be placed on the pin next to the motor drive gear in the position shown at the left. If you don’t use it or place it upside down the movement may run backwards. This gear comes with new motors and is taped to the motor in the correct position.
clock parts

These photos should help you put your movement back together while replacing the motor. If your movement has a setting stem sticking out of the back you will have to remove it and put it on your new motor before installing it. Remove the setter by pulling off one of its plastic ends.

The first photo shows the movement completely assembled.

This is a photo of the inside of our In The Wall Movement. The set up is the same for all of the modern Lanshre Movements and this is what all the gears look like when they are in place.

Note the pin next to the blue gear, this is where the setting stem seats if your movement has one.

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clock parts This is a side view of the gears in place.
More notes:

If your movement is the older type the gears will be made of metal and fiber. The motor will still work and the gear set up is very similar. In the older movements there is a strange looking fiber plate in the middle of one of the stacks. This allows the motor to run in one direction only. Without it your movement may start up and run backwards. If this is the case, unplug your clock, plug it back in. There is a 50% chance it will run forward each time power is reapplied.

The newer movements have star gear mounted on the pin of the motor. This gear matches up to the star gear of gear #6012 PS and allows the movement ot run only forward. If your Lanshire movement runs backwards your small star wheel of the motor is missing or is on backwards. The teeth should point in a clock wise direction.

If you still have trouble or think you can’t perform motor replacement you can mail the movement to us. We will assemble and test it for $15.00 plus parts and shipping back to you.

clock parts This is a view from the other side.
clock parts
Step by step assembly instructions
Lanshire XL7 electric clock motors

The gears in our new LANKIT gear set all have numbers molded into them. Following the photos at the left we install the gears:

First photo
4000 P-3 Hour tube, insert through center hole of movement case
3610 P-1 Idler gear fits on pin inside case with small gear down

Second photo
6400 P-4 Minute hand shaft, insert inside hour tube

Third Photo
6008 P-1 (old gear number: 6608) Auxiliary gear with hole in center small gear goes down (will not stay in place until 6012 PS is inserted through it but it fits between the previous and next step)

Fourth photo
6408-P-1 Second hand shaft, fit inside of minute hand shaft

Fifth photo
6012 PS Insert shaft into auxiliary gear #6608 P-1

Sixth Photo (below)
Insert gear #4010 P-S the long shaft goes down. Now all of your gears are in place and it’s time to put the motor on.

clock parts 2
clock parts 3
clock parts 4
clock parts 5 clock parts 6
Another important note: Your old movement may have the clip on piece shown at the left. It has two pins on the other side that press into two holes near the motor drive gear. The second hand shaft goes into the center hole of this piece. This piece is not made anymore as the factory deemed it not needed. If you use your old one be sure to press it firmly into the holes or it may pop out and jam up the gears.

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