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We repair clocks too

Norkro has been a supplier of clock parts to the trade for over 40 years. Now anyone can purchase clock parts from us at the same prices we offer to professionals. Most orders are shipped within one business day. Yes, we ship internationally.  We accept all major credit cards or PayPal. We appreciate all of your business! 

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Assortments of small clock parts
Cleaning supplies
Clicks & Rivets
Cuckoo clock parts
Dials, round metal clock faces
Electric movements & motors
400 day clock parts
Glass for clocks
Glass domes
Glass retainer
Gongs, hammers, etc
Hands for mechanical clocks
Hands for quartz clocks
Hands, extra long
Hardware (hinges, hangers, etc)
Jewel bars for swinger clocks
Numerals Arabic for dials
Numerals, Roman for dials
Oils and lubricants
Pendulum leaders
Pendulum tops/hangers
Quartz movements
Suspension springs
Tower clock movements
Clock parts wholesale

Clock part Shipping information:

Standard shipping on clock parts is first class US Mail. Shipping and handling charges start at $5.90 per order. Some parts have up-charges based on weight and size but most items do not. We can also UPS and may choose to do so if it is more cost effective.

If you choose UPS and you have a post office box we will change shipping to US Mail.

UPS will not deliver to a PO Box. Most orders are shipped within one business day.

We gladly accept:
American Express 
Check / Money Orders
And PayPal
No minimums, order in any quantity
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12 Click here to see the long clock hands and high torque quartz movement seen in Better Homes and Gardens Paint Décor Magazine
clock quartz movement

Mini quartz movements

Battery operated clock movements. Great repair or replacement items! 95% of the quartz movements we sell are made in USA!

Pendulum and chiming type quartz clock movements.

View them in our store

Clock Parts, Lanshire XL7 clock motor , clock repair

Lanshire XL7 clock motor

Electric clock motors and movements page

How to install an XL7 motor: Photos and instructions on installation of our Lanshire XL7 motor. Click here to view installation instructions

clock parts , suspension springclock parts , suspension springclock parts , suspension springclock parts , suspension spring

Suspension springs

This is the very breakable piece that the pendulum swings from. Look through our three pages of clock suspension springs to match your part as closely as possible

Click wheels

This piece helps keep the mainspring from unwinding

clock hands for quartz clock movement

Clock hands

Choose: hands for battery operated quartz 

    or for       mechanical clocks

Glo Dial electric clock movements. Industrial clock movements for church towers, billboards, etc

Click here for more info

All major credit cards accepted
We gladly accept PayPal
Clock parts , verge

Clock Verges

This piece rocks back and forth allowing the escape wheel teeth to pass through

Clock Numerals

Complete number sets 1 through 12



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